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Contributions/interfacing done by MUMPS Users:

  • Free Field Technologies provided Visual Studio project files for Visual Studio 10 compilation of MUMPS 5.0 on Windows platforms with Intel MPI, Scotch 6 and Metis 5. For more information, see the README file included in the archive.
    WinMumps, a Visual Studio project and solution files for building MUMPS, has also been used in the past.
  • Karl Meerlenberg (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) has developed C++ bindings for MUMPS. They are available in BOOST, the path is boost/numeric/bindings/mumps/mumps_driver.hpp
  • Evgenii Rudnyi provides help for Windows users on the page Compiling MUMPS under Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Fortran with GNU Make
  • Dominique Orban has written a Homebrew formula ( for Mac OSX users. Homebrew MUMPS is now available via the OpenBLAS tap. Build instructions are as follows:
    • brew tap dpo/openblas
    • brew tap-pin dpo/openblas
    • brew options mumps # to discover build options
    • brew install mumps [options…]
    There are currently no precompiled bottles.
  • The Scientific Grouping for computations in Midi-Pyrénées CALMIP provides help for using MUMPS on their supercomputer on the page Librairie MUMPS (sur EOS) (in French).

Related projects:

  • Alfredo Buttari develops a software package for the solution of sparse, linear systems based on the QR factorization of the input matrix: qr_mumps.

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